OK Lets Go This Too Shall Pass

Stephanie Hayes

ENGC101 assignment 3

Ms. Amy Watkins


OK Let’s GoThis Too Shall Pass
Did you ever wonder how four individuals became a cohesive band with great individuality and creativeness? The four members of the alternative band Ok Go, Damian Kulash, Tim Nordwind, Dan Konopka, and Andy Ross have two official videos to the song “This Too Shall Pass.” I will be talking about both of the videos, because I feel both are very interesting and different from most other music videos out there. The band, OK Go, sets an inspirational example for other bands through their use of individuality. Pretty much it states there are bad days and times but that you will have another chance for it to be better. Although, I have never heard of this group before, I did really enjoy both of the videos. Their sense of style is different from many other bands. They have a more creative style to their genre. This is the kind of music I like to listen to as well as music videos I like to watch, they are just individual not copying dance moves or trying to make something more than just what makes them happy. The members and the extras all in all seem to be having fun with the making and creativeness of the videos and song.

       The videos of “This Too Shall Pass” are unique in many ways. I will be referring to one as the marching band video and the other video as the domino effect video. Immediately the videos caught my attention with the individuality and creativity of them. The marching band video I loved because, I have always been a fan of the marching bands and drum lines so; it does interest me. I thought it was creative of the choreographer and costume designer to have some of the members dress up in costume and blend into the grass. At the end of the video they incorporated children into the video caught my interest most videos that I see when having a child, or children is in it, it usually has something to do with acting older than they should or just in an inappropriate video. The kids were just dancing around with ribbons and looking to be enjoying themselves. Bringing the children into the video in an actual age appropriate manor was a good idea from the director’s aspect of the video.

       In the marching band video the way they had people sitting in the stands with the words made out of the black and white squares had to take a good deal of timing and effort among the many individuals who were part of that scene. This video that which included Approximately 115 members of The Notre Dam marching band were featured in the filming of this video“This Too Shall Pass.” It took many takes to do according to Assistant Band Director Emmett O’Leary. The band decided to go with Notre Dam’s marching band after viewing an amazing half time performance during one of their games.

Within the domino effect video that had to have taken much time and patience from all involved too get everything in perfect rhythm, and timing. But, according to Graham Smith “OK Go set out to make the promo with only one rule that the incredibly tricky chain reaction be shot in one single take with no cuts. It took the band and a dozen scientists two months to construct the contraption in a warehouse in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles.” It took well over 700 household objects to create this chain. In a way this video goes good with the lyrics since the aspect of falling or being knocked down is a bad thing but you awaken the next day it has passed into a new and better day. the marching band video that which included Approximately 115 members of The Band of the Fighting Irish were featured in the filming of OK Go’s video for their single“This Too Shall Pass” it took many takes to do according to Assistant Band Director Emmett O’Leary.

        Some of the areas that caught my attention in a more negative way though, it seemed that some of the extras were off a bit, and the videographer was very bouncy, almost like the person was maybe dancing behind camera to the music. From a technical aspect it seems like the bands music over took the vocals. You can hear the singing but they sounded just a bit drowned out by the audio. I did as well notice the bounciness in the domino effect video too; also the camera didn’t follow the chain reaction as fast as the chain was going. I thought the domino effect was amazing and extremely creative too. The one part though, where the spoons were hitting the glasses seemed a tad flat to me not bad just flat. The overall audio through it did sound better the vocals did not seem to be drowned out by the music its-self.

In a traditional music video they use the basic instruments like guitar and keyboard and drums. I was really intrigued by the way the producer and the group brought things to a different level and used marching band instruments was amazing. They were able to create the whole song only with those individual types of instruments. The members of the group and extras in the video seemed to really be enjoying themselves in the video. Some videos to me, the group or individuals seem happy but at the same time don’t look like they are truly enjoying what they are doing almost like they didn’t have a say in what is being put into the video.

        Although, there is only one main verse to the song they managed to keep the videos interesting with a catchy tune. The line “ You know you can’t keep letting it get you down,” makes you want to think that there is always a brighter side of things in life when there are problems in our life because, “when the morning comes” makes it like we can wake up to a new and better day. The same goes for the other video I can’t imagine how many takes it took to get all the reactions together to move perfectly with the beat and not get stuck or not work at all. Over the years the band has become more popular. “The creative palette we work with has expanded in so many unexpected and gratifying directions,” says front man Damian Kulash. “We went in with fewer preconceptions of who we are or what our sound is, and came out with a record that sounds much more uniquely our own because of it.” (Damian Kulash)


Smith, Graham, 2010 In the middle of a chain reaction: The domino pop v http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1259862/OK-Go-video-This-Too-Shall-Pass-takes-internet-storm.htmlideo that has taken the world by storm
Liz Odonnell, 2009 Band films music video with OK go http://ndsmcobserver.com/2009/10/band-films-music-video-with-ok-go/


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