1Hello world welcome to my blog, I’m Stephanie, Mostly I will be posting my photography and blogging about my daily life. I have always had a passion for music and photography. I am hoping you enjoy my photos and as I learn more about the music stuff I shall post mixes and songs things like that. I always told my self I would never blog I kinda thought it was pointless, but now I realize it is like a journal which I write in everyday I shall just keep my blogging to a minimum with certain things, but it is a good way to release stress when I can’t get out to take pictures.

full moon on water

IMG_0221This is me… the girl hidden behind the camera. I don’t much like talking about me never sure really what to say. I am a mother of three teenagers just trying to survive in the world. I am currently going back to school for music production. Music and photography has always been a part of me throughout my life. When things get hard I go behind the camera throw headphones on and just escape the reality of life and view life from a different angle. I chose the music to go to school for because music is the true happiness to my heart. As far as music my favorite individual artist is Kate Voegele I can relate to her songs and she has an amazing voice. My favorite band is Blood On The Dance floor since they are individual and have a good sound. I also like any group related to the Juggalo Family.


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